About Us



We create performance apparel and quality equipment to empower outdoor athletes and fans to live boldly with the nature and in doing so we guarantee high quality outdoor equipment for all demands, all weathers and all terrains.

To GAYA team performance means high-quality and enduring products purposefully designed, appealing form following realistic function, delicate use of the highest quality materials and technologies. Flawless performance means providing our respected users with the best physical and emotional experiences through unquestionable fit, maximum weather protection, smooth temperature regulation and careful moisture management.

We sincerely believe everyone – be young or old, woman or man - who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete. From professional 8,000 meter climbers to weekend day-hikers, downhill cyclists to picnic fans, we allaspire nonstop to better and unforgettable physical experiences in the outdoors.

Living boldly means daring to be exceptionally different like no other, leaning into the real joys of life and pursuing new challenges and opportunities to experience the outside world more richly, to know yourself more completely, and to savor that exclusive satisfaction of living life to the fullest.

GAYA was founded in 1997 by a young passionate mountain climber and outdoor fan, JavadNassirzadeh. He saw the industry changing, compromising quality and dumbing down products to serve less technical users in the Iranian local market. GAYA was founded to buck this trend in order to stay true to the needs of outdoor athletes on the international stage.

The first GAYAproduct – the vintage headband -was created in pure personal need on a backpacking tour with friends around Hilli Mountains in 1997. 1997 was a turning point. Inspired by his own first product, this bold and enthusiastic athlete decided to challenge his own innovation further more by manufacturing his first pair of gaiters in 1997 and used them on a hiking tour in Dand Mountains. Satisfied with the outcome, he stepped further and made his first pair of gloves for a climbing experience in Misho Mountains in 1997. He felt achieved when in late 1998 his first backpack came out – a true challenge of his skills and experience. These first products were hand-made on his mother’s sewing machine. These prototypes were tested by him and his friends on self-organised bicycle and climbing tours. What started very simple has soon developed into a story of success.

Over the last 18 years, his independence and willingness to do things differently have driven innovation in outdoor apparel and equipment. In the near future you’ll see more GAYA expedition equipment on 8,000 meter peaks than any other brand. From the first headband made at his house in 1997 to the recent advanced expedition salopettes manufactured in ourspecialised workshops, our products combine cutting edge materials technology with unconventional design solutions. GAYA’s quality products with their special design features are developed by new ideas of a multidisciplinary team that orientates towards the requirements of the market, and thus the increasing demands of the users. And the innovations keep on coming.

Things at GAYA move full circle, starting with the people, resulting in the product and then back to the people for the lifetime of the product. Many of the people working in GAYA live in Tabriz, an important industrial city at the heart of Azerbaijan. Nestled at the corner of the rugged Sahand Mountains, on the edge of vast Urmia Lake, below the Aras River and not far from Qaradagh Forests, this landscape provides us with constant inspiration and a superb testing ground for our packs and gear. Living in Tabriz provides many benefits. Here, surrounded by heat and cold, endless bustle and vibrant energy, we design and build our packs and gears to the exacting standards expected of GAYA.

We are also privileged to be endowed with the worthy constructive comments and fresh ideas of our professional users who reflect their views to our team to further increase the quality, function and performance. Also the ability to ensure fair labour standards and face-to-face relationships with the factories and the personnel that build our packs and gears, cultural enlightenment, and the historical inspiration of a cosmopolitan and industrial city like Tabriz has made our path a special one. Over the years, we have sponsored most of the cultural and sports events in the field of outdoors in Iran and our efforts in raising public awareness has been admired.

Our mission is to create innovative high performance gear that reflects our unconditional love of pure adventure and our exclusive devotion to the outdoors. We succeed when we meet the demanding expectation of our most discerning customers and they are proud to use our packs and gears.